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"If ignorance is indeed bliss, Dr. Cooper’s book bloodcurdlingly roars at the walls protecting the forbidden tree of knowledge hidden behind it."

From the Forward written by Barbara Shepard.

With his take no prisoners approach Dr. Alan Cooper D.C. has dared to use his muscular little tome, I, CANCER to pose the nigh on unanswerable query regarding medical science’s malignant Waterloo. What are the mind/body nuts and bolts of a spontaneous remission?

Whether or not Cooper even comes close to pleading his case before the Holy Grail of Cancer will be up to you, the reader, to decide.

Either way, his sub-title alone should give every Cancer sufferer the first clue on their Scavenger Hunt for survival:

The semi-Buddhist answer to dancing with cancer: YOU LEAD


Dr. Alan Cooper D.C. is a revolutionary new thinker and proponent for the use of Psychoneuroimmunology as a quintessential tool in the expanding field of Complimentary Oncology. With no apologies offered, Cooper adroitly challenges the mummified logic that implies that tapping into the vast potential power of the inner mind is somehow ‘far out’ or speculative. Humbly meeting Cancer face to face as both a practitioner and an author, Dr. Alan Cooper encourages us all to comprehend this metastatic mutation as an embraceable collective phenomenon of our species.

Dr. Cooper, a practicing Cancer Guide, Medical Hypnotherapist, and Chiropractor, is the Founder of  HEROIC STEPS INTEGRATIVE CANCER INSTITUTE in Mt Shasta California. Although he is, himself, a Mind/Body specialist, Dr. Cooper enthusiastically works with both Cancer patients who are using traditional oncology and those who are not.

He can be reached via e-mail at: