I came to see Dr. Alan Cooper when I was in agony over what treatment(s) to pursue following a lumpectomy for breast cancer. I was told by doctors to have chemotherapy and radiation. I was under the gun of the prevailing medical paradigm to make a decision. I did endless research on the internet, exploring all aspects of conventional and alternative therapy, until I was overwhelmed and panicky from too much information. I met with Dr. Cooper and he gently walked me into the realization that cancer isn't an invading enemy but a messenger from my deeper self. With his guidance, I realized if I dialogued with my soul and spirit--rather than wrangling with my mind--there would be no decision to make, only a clarity to recognize. The journey through cancer is unique to each person. Dr. Cooper honors and recognizes our own inner knowing, and introduces us to the vast healing qualities within ourselves.
With heartfelt gratitude,

~Lynn Gray

What changed during that session most of all was my relationship to the “cancer.” Afterwards it was so clear that this odd growth had come into my life to help me with a very important decision. That one session which Dr Cooper performed as we sat together on a park bench at the marina, with people strolling by all around us, it not only changed my attitude and perspective towards my cancer but towards my whole life. I have since that day embraced my work and my life with renewed hope and passion. My whole family has greater access to me simply because in a few moment on a park bench Alan helped me to use my cancer to see and respond to my whole life differently. This, I believe is the true foundation and nature of all healing. I am deeply grateful.    

~Bodie McCoy

"I recently had a phone session with Dr. Alan Cooper. His presence and kindness were palpable. He has the capability to really listen and tune in to what is needed. His voice was likethe deepest parts of myself were speaking to me.While feeling distressed before, I then felt completely at peace, feeling acceptance and love for myself. And that was what I needed. Thank you Dr. Alan Cooper. I can only imagine how powerful sessions in person must be!"

~May 2011, Elke Kappner, Delray Beach, Florida

Dr. Cooper is a facilitator of change. He led me from wanting to change
to being willing to change., I could not make the transition from wanting to willing on my own.

Dr. Cooper gently led me to the heart of the matter and stayed there with
me until all of my reasons to hang on to past ideas and old fears fell
away. This was not an easy process, but I felt safe and comfortable
throughout - I was never alone nor abandoned.

I came to Dr. Cooper wanting to change, hoping to find a Sherpa to carry
my load. What I got was an experienced and gifted guide, an expert who led
me through internal terrain I couldn’t navigate on my own. The courageous
part was the trudge - I did the work and Dr. Cooper was there with me
every step of the way. The transformation itself came about with ease and
grace - it was as if suddenly I was at the top of the mountain.

Dr. Cooper is a rare and truly gifted healer. I encourage anyone who has
ever wanted to change something in their life to meet with him. You are
guaranteed to have the  adventure of a lifetime!” 

~Colette Urquhart

Dr Cooper combines long experience with sharp intuition, deep intelligence and a strong spiritual grounding. With excellent listening skills, he has a great instinct for identifying the root of the situation to be worked on and a gentle yet powerful delivery of the guidance needed. I definitely recommend his hypnotherapy to anyone ready to move beyond their stuck places.


After having had debilitating headaches for a month I was referred to Dr. Cooper by a co-worker who had previously seen him for help with stress/anxiety.  The headaches came several times each week, were of a pulsating, throbbing nature and were followed by vomiting and an increase in blood pressure.  I had received good care from my established medical providers, including a CT scan, and a few days before seeing Dr. Cooper was sent to the ER for additional, acute management of the symptoms.  Prior to my experience with Dr. Cooper and hypnotherapy I was skeptical of this form of treatment.
Dr. Cooper listened to my concerns.  I wanted to do whatever I could to reduce or hopefully eliminate the headaches and did not want to take medication.  After just one appointment, I left his office with only a very slight headache and was able to resume my normal work schedule and lifestyle.  Over the years I had three follow-up appointments with Dr. Cooper, scheduled when I felt I needed additional help coping with stressful situations. I know that his gentle and kind demeanor, along with his skill have made a huge difference in my life.  I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Cooper to other people.  He is a remarkable person.

On August 22, 2008 I suffered a life changing C5-C6 spinal cord injury while playing football for Mt.Shasta High School . At one point I was told there was no hope at recovery and that I should “Get used to it”. Fortunately for me, I was a classmate and good friend with one of Dr. Cooper’s daughters and after hearing what I was going through he came to me wanting to help! Dr. Cooper has gone above and beyond countless times to help me. He made trips to both Santa Clara and Sacramento to visit and treat me while I was still in the hospital recovering. To this day he still treats me, and I know that without his help I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the remarkable amount of recovery I have seen in these past 3 years! Dr. Coopers been such an inspiration and help to me I don’t just consider him a doctor but also a great friend.  
-Corben Brooks