Heroic Steps invites you to a personally customized retreat in the pristine mountain paradise of Mt. Shasta, tailored to your specific needs. Retreats can range anywhere from a long weekend to many months. You are invited to stay in a home designed to be your healing sanctuary, breathe in the pure mountain air, drink our glacial water, and eat food designed to revitalize your ‘inner healer.’ All the while, you will be guided by Dr. Alan Cooper through the Heroic Steps, transforming your dance with illness into a dance with your own internal healer

Mt. Shasta Retreat packages are custom designed for each individual and can include a combination of integrative healing techniques:

  • Medical Hypnotherapy sessions from Dr Cooper
  • Standard Medical Oncology
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Acupuncture
  • Qi Gong
  • Yoga
  • Nutritional Consultation
  • Homeopathy
  • Deep Tissue or Shiatsu Massage Therapy
  • Natural Mineral Baths and Saunas
  • Native American Purification Lodge
  • Guided Nature Tours


If you are unable to join us in Mt. Shasta, Dr Cooper is available for Medical Hypnotherapy sessions administered over the telephone. Since travel is often a daunting prospect, HEROIC STEPS telephone sessions have proven effective in opening a deep doorway toward the healing process.


In rare cases, Dr Cooper is able to come to you and spend a day or two at your home. Although this option is not ideal for the integrative approach of Heroic Steps, we understand that sometimes circumstances prohibit extensive travel, and in such cases we will do everything we can to bring healing to where you are.


Dr Cooper currently employs his unique Heroic Steps Medical Hypnotherapy Program to address many physical, emotional and spiritual issues that are not directly related to a present diagnosis of Cancer. The emotional and spiritual wellness promoted by Heroic Steps is offered as a powerful tool for those working with wide range of health and wellness issues, as well as those interested in cancer prevention.


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or by phone:  530-925-4059